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Lowering your costs over a lifetime

To choose a Panasonic Toughbook is a decision to protect and secure your data – and your technology investment.

Current studies have shown that something had to be done. According to research, one in ten standard notebooks break down as a result of hardware damages. The display and hard drive are affected most often and the average cost of a notebook breakdown can be more than €3,000.

But thanks to Toughbook’s legendary reliability, durability and security, failure and damage is vastly reduced, meaning a higher initial outlay is soon recovered over the lifetime of your device.

More reliable than the rest

The ability of our Toughbooks to perform in the conditions you face is borne out by industry research, which shows that the average annual failure rate of PC laptops is around 24%. Panasonic Toughbooks, however, are 7 times more reliable than industrial average notebooks without rugged features.*

*This is not a guarantee.