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Field design and survey, and Toughbook

If you’re involved in the management of field-based professionals in construction, engineering, architecture, transport or many other industries, you’ll no doubt recognise the importance of in-field design and survey as a crucial process for your organisation.

But you’ll also be aware that the process presents significant difficulties.

Where do the main barriers occur?

First of all, there’s the simple fact that in-field surveying and design is an outdoor process. So the elements are an ever-present barrier. Because technology has never traditionally been able to operate in these challenging outdoor environments, paper-based documentation and records have been the only option.

Paper, however, is rendered useless in rain. And paper-based records – which often have to be translated into a digital form at a later date – introduce the possibility of error.

Next, accurate field design and survey relies on the correct data and applications. Working remotely removes access to these critical factors, presenting a significant challenge to the accurate, efficient execution of the process.

There’s also the question of time. Carrying out design and surveying work without digital tools can be a lengthy, laborious task. And in the commercial world, time is money.

Finally, design and survey is not a static process. The key metrics and data is forever changing, and needs to be amended and manipulated at the point of work. This is extremely challenging without digital access to the right data.

How does Toughbook improve the process?

Toughbooks are the perfect toolkit for design and survey professional, making them both self-sufficient and more efficient in terms of working time.

Co-ordination – managing teams of surveyors or technicians across a wide geographical spread is a challenge. Toughbook overcomes it through world-class connectivity and integrated GPS.

Durability – field design and survey happens where it’s needed – not where the designer or surveyor wants it to happen. It might be in a waterway, a dusty construction site or extremely hazardous environment. Toughbooks are built to excel in these settings, operating where other technology simply cannot.

In-field functionality - Toughbooks operate where other technology fails. So now your field staff can access the data and drawings they need when they’re on-site, in a digital and fully amendable format. The range of screen sizes and form factors means they can cope with the demands of in-field CAD work and the processing power they possess allow them to handle even the most complex technical documentation.