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Asset management and maintenance

You need to optimize the use of your assets – wherever they might be. So you need to equip your field service technicians or maintenance engineers with tools that allow them to manage those assets to the standards you require.

That’s where Toughbook can add a huge amount of value.

What's the process?

When we talk about asset management and maintenance, we’re referring to the optimisation of every field-based asset in your organization. At different stages of their lifecycle, they’ll need to be maintained, repaired, upgraded, reconfigured or even replaced.

And that generates a whole host of business processes.

It might be preventative work, for example. The asset will need to be audited and assessed for performance and productivity. The need for any repairs has to be identified, relayed and scheduled. Ongoing maintenance must be carried out.

On the other hand, the process may be reactive – a fault is reported and the technician must react in the most appropriate and cost-effective way. Accurate, measured reporting must be documented and any subsequent preventative work must be timetabled.

Underlying all of this, of course, is the challenge of carrying out the work in unforgiving conditions. Conditions where technology traditionally hasn’t been able to perform. Conditions where the field technician has usually lost digital access to applications and data.

How does Toughbook improve the process?

Toughbooks give technicians access to more – and more valuable – information. Going into situations where other laptops or mobile devices fail, they become a process-transforming toolkit.

Speed – technicians work faster when they have the right information. Whether that’s technical, routing, site or service record information, Toughbooks are able to deliver access to everything the technician needs to know in every given situation.

Work records – with integrated field cameras and Bluetooth connectivity, Toughbooks allow technicians to compile work records far more quickly and easily. Their fit-for-purpose design enhances this process further still. The touchscreen is perfect for easy annotation of work as it is ongoing, and military-grade wireless means work can be recorded, monitored and measured in real time, without the need for the translation of paper-based records at a later time.

Customer satisfaction – when managing and maintaining assets on a customer’s premises, the technician is the face of your company. So using Toughbooks to make them more effective and efficient is the ideal way of enhancing both customer satisfaction and their positive perception of your organisation.

New revenue – customers trust technicians who consistently deliver valuable service. And once that trust is established, the technician is perfectly placed to help the customer improve their business with other services or products your organisation has to offer.