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Why should you activate your warranty?

Your activation will validate your warranty purchase and will help Panasonic provide you with a faster service. You will also benefit from updates about new products, solutions and news to help you get the most of your Panasonic product.

Manual warranty check

Please select the country where you would like service (even if you purchased your product in a different country), and enter the serial number and product number below, then click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the form.

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(1) Model Version
On the bottom of your Toughbook, you'll find a rectangle with numbers and bar codes. The model version starts with "CF-" followed by 3 characters. Ex: "CF-F9K". The Model Version comprises the first 3 digits of the full SKU Number.
(2) Serial Number
The Serial Number is in the same rectangle. It begins with 1 number, followed by 4 letters , and then 5 more numbers. Ex: "1AKYA24788".